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Return on Investment

The Return on Investment (ROI) is a very important performance measure when deciding between different investment alternatives as well as measuring the success (or lack of it) of already purchased investments. The result is expressed as a percentage and a result greater than zero indicates you made money on the investment. A result of 100% would indicate you doubled your money, i.e. you made 100% on your initial investment.

Ideally you want want a Return on Investment as high as possible, and using this calculator you can benchmark different investment opportunities. If you have this motive then you can enter data for the different alternatives and choose the investment which has the highest Return on Investment percentage. You could also benchmark any investment opportunity against a set minimum return you require for your investments.

If you are using the calculator to measure the performance of an investment already made, you can input your data and decide whether to hold, sell, or buy more of the same investments. Again, you can benchmark any result against alternative investments or you can benchmark any result against previous or required returns for your portfolio.

Return on Investment Calculator

Specifically, the calculator asks for:
Proceeds from the Sale of the Investment, which is the selling value of the investment or the value of your capital which is being returned.
Income Earned from Holding the Investment, which is all the income (for example dividends) you received for investing your capital and holding the investment.
Cost of Investment Purchase, which is the dollar amount of your capital that you invested in the asset.

Proceeds from Sale of Investment ($):

Income Earned from Holding Investment ($):

Cost of Investment Purchase ($):

Return on Investment (%):

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