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Do you make your pricing decisions based simply on what’s ‘normal’? Or what you ‘think’ is correct?

How would you like a clear, straightforward calculator (based on management accounting theory) to tell you what the exact price should be, whether you are aiming for profit targets, to cover your costs or to compete in the market?

This is what the ‘Profitable Pricing’ App will do for you.

Better yet, with sound management accounting theory behind each calculator, you will also find education & explanations along the way.

So exactly what’s inside ‘Profitable Pricing’?

You will find 4 straightforward pricing models inside.

Yes, using each calculator requires a little thought and business data, but you will be guided right throughout each of the 4 pricing models and be rewarded with detailed precision normally not found without a university accounting education.
It’s clarity and ease-of use is one of the outstanding features.

The 4 Pricing Models include:

1) Mark-Up Pricing
“Adding a ‘mark-up’ to your product or service cost to determine its price”
Perfect for:
• Manufacturers that build or craft goods
• Wholesalers and other Resellers who hold purchased inventory
• Even Software Developers and Other Sellers of Intangible Products

2) Time & Material Pricing
“Determining your job price/quote based on an hourly charge plus a charge for materials”
Perfect for:
• Builders & Contractors
• Tradespeople
• Consultants

3) Competitive Bidding
“Determine you job price/quote when you must bid for work against competing businesses”
Perfect for:
• Custom Manufacturers
• Freelancers
• Professional Services

4) Economic Value Pricing
“Determining your product or service price based on the value to the customer when compared against a specific competitor”
Perfect for:
• Anyone who offers a product or service with a long life-cycle and competes with unique or custom qualities while also on price

You will most likely already be familiar with these models, but where you will be surprised is the detail and steps behind each model; this app goes beyond the basics.

And don’t fear being overwhelmed with accounting jargon, each step has a clear explanation written by someone experienced with teaching accounting and breaking down complex concepts into manageable knowledge bites.

Still put off by the premium price and accounting bias? Well, the business behind this app, accofina, offers customer support to anyone who needs it.

If you buy the app and your confused setting it up or making the most of the functionality, see our Customer Service Page and Get in Touch and your issue will be resolved and you can make the most of the power of the calculators.

And, yes (!), before accofina decided on the premium price of ‘Profitable Pricing’ for the App Store they DID use their own tool that they are now selling to you. Get in contact and I’ll tell you which pricing model was used.

You can earn back the price of buying this app with one single, accurate price.

Make sure that your business is not pricing itself out of the market nor leaving money on the table.

Price, quote & bid with confidence & certainty.

It’s time to download ‘Profitable Pricing’.

Download Now & Price with Confidence

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