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Make Higher Profits,
In the Stock Market and Your Business

You can make better returns in the stock market and/or your business if you use accounting techniques that allow you to better analyse your investments.

This app helps you do that through ratio analysis and management accounting tools.

But you won't just get a 'black box' calculator app.

Within this aesthetically pleasing app, you will also be provided with:
* The Formulas of each calculator
* As well as Advice on how to interpret the calculations.
Thus, you will be armed with tools, formulas and education to make Higher Profits in the Stock Market and Your Business.

It's the accounting calculator app that every non-accountant should have.

Make Better Business and Financial Decisions through Analysis of Your Financial Data. Communicate Better with Brokers, Financiers & Financial Advisors.

Simply: Make More Money with Your Investments. All for a price of a good coffee.

Specifically, the App's 51 Calculators, Formulas & Guides are broken down into 7 categories and 3 sub-categories. These are:

1) Profitability Ratios [6 Calculators]
  * Profit Margin
  * Gross Profit Percentage
  * Return on Assets
  * Return on Equity
  * Free Cash Flow
  * Operating Margin
2) Liquidity Ratios [5 Calculators]
  * Current Ratio
  * Acid-Test Ratio
  * Cash Ratio
  * Net Working Capital
  * Cash Coverage Ratio
3) Leverage Ratios [3 Calculators]
  * Debt Ratio
  * Debt to Equity Ratio
  * Times Interest Earned Ratio
4) Efficiency Calculators [6 Calculators]
  * Inventory Turnover
  * Accounts Receivable Turnover
  * Days Sales in Receivables
  * Asset Turnover in Days
  * Personnel Productivity
  * Days' Sales in Inventory
5) Market Ratios [6 Calculators]
  * Earnings per Share (EPS)
  * Price/Earnings (P/E) Ratio
  * Dividend Yield
  * Payout Ratio
  * Price to Book Ratio
  * Book Value per Share
6) Corporate Finance [6 Calculators]
  * Internal Growth Rate
  * Sustainable Growth Rate
  * Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
  * Payback Period
  * Accounting Rate of Return
  * Real Interest Rate
7) Management Accounting
  (a) Costs and Costing Systems [5 Calculators]
    * Cost Function
    * Cost of Goods Manufactured
    * Cost of Goods Sold
    * Predetermined Manufacturing Overhead Rate
    * Applied Overhead
  (b) Standard Costing [8 Calculators]
    * Direct Material Price Variance
    * Direct Material Quantity Variance
    * Direct Labour Rate Variance
    * Direct Labour Efficiency Variance
    * Variable Overhead Spending Variance
    * Variable Overhead Efficiency Variance
    * Fixed Overhead Budget Variance
    * Fixed Overhead Volume Variance
  (c) Cost Volume Profit Analysis [6 Calculators]
    * Break-Even Point in Units
    * Break-Even Point in Dollars
    * Target Sales Volume in Units
    * Target Sales Volume in Dollars
    * Target Net Profit after Tax in Units
    * Target Net Profit after Tax in Dollars

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