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The mission: "To put academic accounting & finance knowledge, through easy-to-use technology and easy-to-understand education, in the hands of entrepreneurs, businesspeople & investors"

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Who is accofina

For too long accounting & finance technology has been seen as an expensive compliance requirement of business, and for investors, the accounting technology space has been bare or out of financial reach. Yet, the entire academic fields of accounting & finance are littered with simple, straightforward techniques that can allow better business and investment decisions…yet they have gone unknown except to those whose speciality were these fields of study; and then when learned, they have been hoarded so exorbitant fees can be charged.

Axel Tracy, the founder of accofina.com has a passion for accounting & finance, technology and teaching. He believes these passions can be combined to break down "the accountants' curtain" and offer low-cost, universal & user-friendly accounting & finance applications and education.

This website is the output behind this belief.

accofina.com is a Division of Bidi Capital Pty Ltd, a company founded, owned & directed by Axel Tracy.

Axel Tracy is a business student at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). At UTS, and The Australian National University, Axel has been trained in business, accounting, I.T. finance & economics. He has a leading GPA and is a member of the invitation-only Golden Key International Honours Society and UTS Honours Society. Axel has also been employed by UTS as a private tutor and to run PASS sessions for anywhere between 2 to 25 students in 'Accounting Standards & Regulations', a subject within the UTS Accounting Major.

Bidi Capital Pty Ltd was incorporated in NSW, Australia, in February 2012. It is the holding company for two financially-focussed online enterprises, accofina.com & RatioAnalysis.net

Bidi Capital ACN: 155 211 233. ABN: 34 155 211 233

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